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“A fruit is a vegetable with looks and money. Plus, if you let fruit rot, it turns into wine, something Brussels sprouts never do.”
P. J. O'Rourke 


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Amazing Discoveries About Water
by Melissa Gordon

Water is not always the same quality. Water is very fluid and will mold to its environment as can be seen visually. Molecularly water is also very fluid and will take on the shapes of its environment on a microscopic level. The biggest way it does this is by mimicking the electrical patterns of a substance it contacts, the electrical patterns cause the molecules to arrange in different groupings in a patterned way. Another thing the electrical patterns can change about water is whether or not it is positively or negatively charged, acidic or alkaline. Is this good? Sometimes. Sometimes the substance water comes into contact with has properties that make the water better for you. It can even be exceptionally good. On the other hand, it can make the water much less effective inside your body.

Since all of this is invisible it is hard to know which waters have these wonderful properties. The answer lies in science validating our most basic instincts. Water that falls through the sky (rain, snow) , over a waterfall or has been recently frozen before you drink it all have properties that make them exceptionally good for you. This is the main reason people crave ice in their drinks and especially crave ice when they are anemic. In the fall water is allowed to expand and when it resettles it does so in its natural water pattern as well as becoming negatively charged.

Negatively charged molecules are missing electrons and when they come into your body they will grab free-roaming electrons and make them apart of the water; they clean up your body. The other thing this water does is get into your cells much more easily. This is why people are so drawn to waterfalls and snow runoff water from mountains. Mountains are natural negative ion generating structures so water from mountains tends to be even more negatively charged.

The most healing water is from mountain runoff streams because: 1. It was frozen as snow and fell through the sky 2. The mountain generates negative ions 3. The melted snow travels down the mountain through multiple waterfalls. The water is very negatively charged and the molecule arrangements are exceptional.

Some ways to get this type of water are to freeze water in your freezer and skim the very top part off after it makes a little skin of ice-this also filters out impurities. Once the rest of the water is frozen you can thaw it and drink it. Snow cones and ice cubes are good as well.

Other ways that water can take on healing properties is through contacting anything that has an electrical pattern that’s good for living organisms. Water can take on the electrical patterns of plants and other living things it comes into contact with the same way it does with anything else. Essential oils of healing plants can cause water to actually take on some of the properties of the plants it came from, in the same way, a person with great health could cause water to become healing by accident just through contact with the water.

A study was done based on these findings that showed this to be the main reason some people can grow plants and others cannot- even if the water is in a glass and you hold it the water conforms to a persons electrical emissions- and if you have poor emissions the plants watered do very poorly. Another study showed that a magnet inside a container with healing essential oils placed in water caused the water to take on the essential oils properties extensively. The water had no contact with the oils, which were inside the container with the magnet. The water was sanitized by the electrical patterns of anti-microbial herbs- no pathogenic bacteria nor fungus grew, while still allowing beneficial bacteria to grow. Also, when the relaxants lavender and Valerian root were used, people became very tired after drinking the water. The magnet strengthened the electricity of the oils and created an invisible field of electrical patterns in the water. The magnet in the study is patented in France and used for city wide water sanitation in south America and Spain.

One way to reproduce this at home would be to place a magnet inside a container filled with essential oils and place it in a pitcher of water, this would keep the water molecules arranged in health giving patterns.

The other way would be to meditate on positive things while pouring yourself water or drinking water; this may not work however because it seems that people aren’t very able to change the electrical patterns of their cells very well because it is a very physical phenomenon. There are also places that sell healing water but it is very hard to know if any of them are real, so be your own judge.

On a final note, these discoveries validate greatly many stories of springs that have healing properties as well as the idea of Jesus turning water to wine, he changed the electrical patterns of the water to take on the properties of wine. The healing properties of love could also be found here as the feeling of love could change the properties of your body’s patterns and therefore water that you serve to a loved one.

References & Resources:
*note- shortly after writing this article these two sites disappeared from the web, I am going to contact the owner of these sites and hopefully they will be back up soon.
-Scientific Information about water studies and links to universities, etc.
-Water Sanitation Magnet


About the Author

Melissa is a health writer and researcher at http://www.suppressedhealth.com 

Juice Sensibility


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